How to create a backup of photos with Picasa

Picasa is a great tool to manage your photo collection, and to create web albums for sharing.

If you are using Picasa to manage the photos on your computer, it is important to make a regular backup, so you do not lose any precious pictures. Of course you can use the standard Windows backup option, or use a 3rd party backup manager, but Picasa also has a backup function.

To make a backup of your photos with Picasa, follow these steps.

First open Picasa, and in the Tools menu, select Back Up Pictures…

Picasa photo backup menu

If this is the first time you use the function, you will first need to create a backup set, which is basically a configuration that tells Picasa what to backup and where to backup the photos.

You will see the following pane show up in the bottom of the Picasa window:

Create a new backup set in Picasa

Click the New Set button to create a new backup set.

Now you need to type a name for the backup set and select which files to backup and where to.

Details for backup set

In the example screenshot we have selected our Network Attached Storage (NAS) as the target device, but you can of course also use a CD, DVD, USB stick or external hard drive. As long as there is enough storage space available.

Click Create to finalize the new backup set.

Back in the panel in Picasa’s main window, you can now select the new backup set in the left side (step 1). In step 2 on the right side, you select which folders to backup. You can use Select All to backup everything, or select individual folders by placing checkmarks in front of them in the folder selection pane.

Once you are done selecting the folders to backup, you click the Backup button.

The backup progress is shown in Picasa itself:

Progress of the Picasa backup

After the backup completes, a windows explorer window will open with the target location.

A number of files and folders are created by the Picasa photo backup:

Files and folders in backup location

Now your backup is complete, and if you ever need to restore photos from the backup, simply execute the PicaseRestore.exe in the backup location.

That will bring up the photo restore window from Picasa, and you can select where to restore the photos to.

Restore photo from backup

After this you have a safe copy of your photos and have reduced the risk that you ever lose the photos completely!

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